How Will Web 3.0 Affect The Way We Teach And Learn?

Posting video lessons in 2010. Teaching in virtual classrooms in 2012. Learning on mobile devices in 2014. These were pivotal, game-changing moments for teachers and learners worldwide.

How will we, the most innovative teachers and learners, shape

Web 3.0 education and steer its course?

The EduVerse Online Festival and DAO

Fluency Mc And Dj Boom Boom Invite Innovative Teachers, EdTech Founders, Investors, Life-long Learners, And You To Map Out The Future Of Education.

EduVerse is an online festival and a DAO for people  shaping the future of education

Key Areas Include:

  • Developing skills of the future
  • Education Entrepreneurship / Teacherpreneurs. NFTs in Education. 
  • DAOs and the future of the communities
  • Games in education or education in games?
  • Marketing new education

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At the beginning of December 2021 we held our first EduVerse festival! Watch full recordings of our conversations

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